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Shelby County Fair

Online Registration

Please read the HELPFUL INFORMATION below before visiting the Online Registration Site

HELPful information for online registration



1. Online Registration will be available until 11:59 AM, Friday, November 1, 2019 with the following exceptions:

(a) 11:59 PM, Sunday, November 3, 2018 for Baked Goods, Cut Flowers, Live Arrangements, and Livestock Shows

2. DO NOT use all lower case or ALL UPPER case. Please use proper case.

(a) Correct Example: John A Doe, 2015 Any Street, My Town, AL 12345

3. If you have items with different CHECK-IN deadlines, it is requested that you enter entries with the same deadline in a single session then print a receipt. Then complete another session for entries with another deadline if needed. Example: Produce, Canned Goods, Crafts, etc. in one session; Baked Goods, Cut Flowers, and Live Arrangements in another session; 

4. If you are a member of a 4-H or other club where members have projects that could be entered in the Fair, Please email the Club Name, Contact Person, and Contact Information to I will then add your Club to the club list in our software and you will select it when entering your entries.

5. For those using our ONLINE REGISTRATION site: You will not need the paper Exhibitor Registration Form nor entry tags. Entry tags for your Exhibits will be printed by the Fair and available at Check-In.

6. This software allows us to track schools and clubs whose students and/or members participate in the Fair. This information will help us plan for the future. Youth are requested to enter their school on the Exhibitor setup screen. For individual exhibits enter a club if the exhibit was made for a project in that particular club.

7. If your school or club is not listed in the list, Please go back to the main fair website and use the CONTACT US link to provide us with the School/Club Name, contact name, address, and phone if applicable. We will try to update these lists daily. It would be best if you supply this information prior to entering any exhibits.

8. To submit online entries you must create a user account. Choose Exhibitor Registration on the left side of this page. Keep in mind that User Names must be unique; so if you have a common name you may have to use your middle initial or other variation of your name for it to be unique. On future visits use the Login/Logoff button.

9. We have been very selective in the limited personal information that we require you to provide to us. However, there is some information that we must have.

10. Once you have created your account, you will proceed to exhibit registration. For the most part it is a point and click process from drop-down lists, with very little data entry required.

11. Please be very careful to enter your correct MAILING address as premium checks will be mailed to this address. Any checks returned to us with where the Exhibitor provided an invalid mailing address will be forfeited.  

12. Baked Goods, Cut Flowers and Live Arrangement entries should be entered in separate sessions so you have separate confirmation reports to bring when you bring your exhibits. 

13. We do not charge entry fees for our Fair. However, you must check-out in order for your information to be processed. You will receive an email confirmation, typically within a few minutes.

14. Departments start with A for Adult or Y for Youth. The second letter corresponds to the letter on the Department List in the General Rules. 

15. See General Rules for an explanation of Department/Division numbering system.

16. When you select a Department only Divisions in that Department will appear and likewise when you select a Division only Classes in that Division will appear.

17. HINT– When entering multiple classes in a Division click the “Add Similar Entry” button and the Department and Division will default to the last one you selected.

18. Special instructions for a Division may appear as the Division is selected.

19. After you have completed all your online entries you should print two (2) copies of the report at the end of the exhibit entry process, sign one (1) and bring it with you when you deliver your exhibits to the Fair Grounds. The other may be kept for your records.

20. At this point you will have the option of printing your ONLINE ENTRY TAGS. Please DO NOT print them. The Fair will print them and have them available at Exhibit Check-In.